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Season Of KDE 2024 Projects

Monday, 15 January 2024  | 

It is a really impressive Season of KDE this year: We have selected a total of 18 projects!

To all of our new contributors, thank you very much for your drive to gain experience and improve FOSS at the same time. The mentors and mentorship team, as well as the broader KDE community, are sure you'll create something fantastic over the next 10 weeks.

Group photo of several members of the KDE community at Akademy 2022 in Barcelona, Spain. The KDE community enthusiastically welcomes all new contributors! (Image: CC BY 4.0)

Translation Projects

KDE counts on a very active translation community and translates software into over 50 different languages. In SOK 2024, we have 2 projects to translate multiple apps into Hindi:

They will be mentored by Benson Muite and Raghavendra Kamath.


Kdenlive brings you all you need to edit and put together your own movies. We have 2 projects for KDE's full-featured video editor:

They will be mentored by Julius Künzel and Jean-Baptiste Mardelle.

KDE Eco / Accessibility

There are 5 new projects that will make measuring the energy consumption of software easier and more integrated in the development pipeline. This will help make KDE software more efficient and environmentally friendly, as well as more accessible at the same time:

They will be mentored by Karanjot Singh, Emmanuel Charruau, Nitin Tejuja, Rishi Kumar, and Joseph P. De Veaugh-Geiss.

Cantor / LabPlot

Cantor is an application that lets you use your favorite mathematical programming language from within a friendly worksheet interface, while Labplot is KDE's user-friendly data visualization and analysis software. Both projects are closely intertwined, and have had 8 projects approved for SOK:

They will be mentored by Alexander Semke.


KWin is the window manager for KDE's Plasma desktop and it is what gives you complete control over your windows. KWin has had 1 project selected:

They will be mentored by Xaver Hugl.

The 18 contributors will start developing on January 17 under the guidance of their mentors. SOK will end March 31. Check out the full SOK 2024 timeline.

Let's warmly welcome all of them and make sure their journey with KDE is successful!

You will be able to follow the progress via blog posts published on KDE's planet.