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KDE & Google Summer of Code 2024

Thursday, 2 May 2024  |  Carl Schwan

KDE will mentor ten projects in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) this year. GSoC is a program in which contributors new to open-source spend between 175 and 350 hours working on an open source project.


KDE Connect

ShellWen Chen will work on updating the SSHD library in the KDE Connect Android app which will improve the application's security and stability. Albert Vaca Cintora will mentor this project.


LabPlot is a Data Visualization and Analysis platform. This summer, Kuntal Bar will work on adding 3D plotting support to cater to the evolving demands of scientific research. Israel Galadima will work on Python wrappers around the LabPlot C++ API. Alexander Semke will mentor both projects.


Arianna is KDE's Epub viewer, and Ajay will work on porting the Javascript frontend from epub.js to Foliate.js, the library that powers Foliate. Carl Schwan will mentor this project.


Manuel Alcaraz will work on adding support for Qt for Python to some of the KDE Frameworks, enabling the large Python ecosystem to use them. Carl Schwan will also mentor this project.


Pratham Gandhi will work on improving Okular's support for Javascript forms. This is particularly important because Javascript-powered forms are used frequently in PDFs provided by local governments, and while Okular already partially supports them, many functions are not implemented. Albert Astals Cid will mentor this project.


Soumyadeep Ghosh will work under Scarlett's direction and integrate the Snap ecosystem closer with KDE. This includes fixing the Discover integration with Snap and adding a Snap KCM to change the permission from Plasma System Settings.


Ken Lo will work under the supervision of Tiar and Emmet O'Neill on improving the pixel art workflow by adding the Pixel Perfect option to smooth out pixel art curves.

KDE Games

João Gouveia will implement the backend for a variant of the Mancala game as well as a solver under the supervision of Benson Muite and Harsh Kumar.


Chengkun Chen will work on improving the support for subtitles in Kdenlive. More specifically, he will add full support for the Sub Station Alpha v4.00+ format which contains style information for Kdenlive. Jean-Baptiste Mardelle will mentor this project.

Let's warmly welcome all the new contributors and wish them a good summer within KDE!